Dev Ops Engineer

Ideal Qualifications:

- 2+ years of engineering experience in configuration and maintenance of applications such as web servers, load balancers, relational databases, storage systems and messaging systems

- Familiarity around cloud solutions (AWS-EC2, ECS, S3, RDS, Lambda, Docker, Google Container Engine-Kubernetes or Docker Swarm)

- Experience in CI/CD infrastructure and best practices (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Ansible, Chef, Puppet)

- Experience in Linux System administration including package management, network management, and security management

Primary Responsibilities:

- Work on scalability, operation, and security of production infrastructure

- Creating and maintaining automation tools for CI/CD, logging, monitoring, and capacity planning for on premise and cloud hosted environments

- Build tools to measure and monitor availability, latency and overall system health

- Perform stress and load testing against the infrastructure

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Protocol Engineer

Ideal Qualifications:

- Experience in Golang, Node.js, Erlang/Elixir, Clojure, or other languages with native multi-threading/concurrency abstractions

- Familiarity in distributed, highly available systems (Cassandra, Hbase) or messaging queues (RabbitMQ, AWS SQS)

- Familiarity with open source P2P networking protocols (Kademila, libp2p) and internet protocols (TCP/IP)

- Familiarity with Blockchain architecting tools (Tendermint, Polkadot, Loom, solidity)

Primary Responsibilities:

- Design and implement a CLI-client for the Winflow network

- Build the smart contracts/state machines for the Winflow data infrastructure

- Participate in issue triage/code review of open source contributions

- Evangelize our software and technology through articles and talks

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Front-End Engineer

Ideal Qualifications:

- 2+ years of engineering experience related to front-end SPAs and UI/UX design

- Familiarity with JavaScript concepts like event driven programming, closures, types and ES6

- Experience working with RESTful web services

- Experience in JS frameworks like React/Angular and Redux/MobX, as well as HTML/CSS frameworks like LESS/SASS

- Familiarity with Gulp, Make, Bower, npm, etc.

Primary Responsibilities:

- Creating Building, testing, and shipping front-end libraries and reusable components

- Translate designs, wireframes, and feature requirements into high-quality code features that are simple, intuitive, performant, and reliable

- across multiple screen formats (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.)

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Quantitative Analyst

Ideal Qualifications:

- Degree in Mathematics and/or a field in applied mathematics such as statistics, probability, game theory, control theory or theoretical physics

- Knowledge of R, Python, SQL, SAS, SPSS, or other statistical softwares

- Experience with quantitative financial modeling or similar field

- Ability to learn domain fields quickly and apply skills to new tasks

- Complex problem solving ability

- Strong communication skills to communicate results of analysis

- Ability to deliver high quality work with tight deadlines

- Interest in sports and sports betting

Primary Responsibilities:

- Develop and refine mathematical and probability models for customer profiling, lifecycle, and sports models

- Create mathematical supervised learning models by compiling information from bookmakers, agents, and databases

- Review business performance, identify betting patterns and model or trading ops issues, as well as performance of existing models and come up with recommendations and new approaches where required

- Explain mathematical models to non-mathematicians in the product, IT, and marketing fields so that the models can be implemented in practice

- Analyze complex data sets and processes to understand, identify and monitor factors that can improve KPIs and drive business success

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Sports Trader

Ideal Qualifications:

- Aptitude for mathematics and statistics and business applications

- Strong interest/passion in sports

- High level of attention to detail

- The ability and organization skills to manage multiple tasks

- Strong communication skills

- The ability to collaborate with team members

- Prior experience or knowledge of fixed odds betting markets and pricing or trading sporting events

Primary Responsibilities:

- Monitoring betting activity and changing prices accordingly

- Managing clients

- Accurate manipulation of trading models and market monitoring to maintain pricing for both in-play and non-live markets

- Accurate entry of in-play data for live markets

- Accurate entry of settlement criteria

- Analysis and recording of trading performance for future references and performance management

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We are introducing the WinFlow Protocol to create a distributed sports betting network that sets the foundation for the future of sports betting.
A new era in which operators work together instead of against each other, innovative products are developed, and players are rewarded. Join us.

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Game Plan

Sports betting spans the entire globe and is now bigger than ever. The already $250 billion industry is poised for an even brighter future with legislators recently unlocking the estimated $150 billion US market for business. As the industry has evolved from hobby to religion, its underlying infrastructure and products have maintained the status quo with little innovation in recent years. Industry mega-conglomerates have dominated the market, making it near impossible for new products and systems to gain traction. The advent of distributed ledger technology has created a new opportunity for innovation and competition that can finally challenge the status quo. In this new distributed system, bet liquidity is aggregated across a global network and operators are empowered with an open source package manager working with, instead of against each other through shared economic incentives.

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1. Customers are the North Star. If something makes a better, fairer experience for customers, the answer is yes.

2. Be transparent about problems and challenges, then work together to solve them.

3. Creating a win-win system. If our team wins, operators win, and the customers and end-users reap the benefits.

4. Strive to be an all-star AND a team player. We believe the two can coexist.

5. Ask questions if you don’t know…unless you can read minds.

6. Action > Talk